Gaining Control

Whether you sometimes experience difficulties yourself or are supporting someone else who struggles with anxiety or depression, the information on this website is for you.

If you are not feeling yourself there is a lot you can do. Start by reading through the condition sections of this website and the suggested reading on the Books on Prescription page.

Your family, friends, teachers or work colleagues may also support you through what can be a difficult time.

However, there may come a time when you feel you might benefit from additional help. You can speak with your GP or find help through your local authority social care department and private or voluntary organisations. Contact details are listed within the disorder pages on this website.

You can also call Let’s Talk professionals between 9:00am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday on 0800 073 2200

Service-leaflet Our simple questionnaires can also help you understand if anxiety and depression affects you. You can calculate your own score and know your result immediately.

Please complete the questionnaires and have the results available if and when you decide to call the Let’s Talk team.

Please click the image to open the document or right click to download and save the document to your computer


Seeking help early can help you gain control of your life again.