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Emotional Wellbeing

The 5 Steps to Emotional Wellbeing Manual is now available!

The Manual is arranged into 5 Steps ( in 5 weekly sessions) and we would advise you to read all 5 – start at the beginning. However, there may be some Steps that are more relevant to you. The Manual is intended for everyone but is probably best suited to people over 16 years of age. The Manual is full of top tips and exercises and will be only useful if you put some of it into practice. We can all do something to improve our own wellbeing. Make a start today

We also have Emotional Wellbeing Courses running in 7 locations across Gloucestershire. On these courses you will be led through the steps by trained and experienced staff. You will not be expected to speak in front of others or disclose personal information to anyone. Just come along and learn about how to lead a more fulfilling and happier life. Have a look at the enclosed timetable to see which time and venue suits you best. The course is educational and is not a therapy group so we ask that if you have pressing concerns about your mental health and need immediate help or support, you contact your GP or the Samaritans (116 123) .

It’s a fantastic course that teaches you how to get well and stay well emotionally.

By the end of the course you should have:

  • an understanding of how to keep emotionally well.
  • knowledge of how to get more active, improve your sleep, eat well and feel better about your appearance.
  • more skills to improve your confidence and your acceptance of your self.
  • a recognition of helpful and unhelpful thoughts.
  • identified what gives your life meaning .
  • a plan for a way to be kinder to yourself.
  • learnt techniques to be more assertive and to improve your relationships.
  • a recognition of your own emotional early warning signs.
  • a plan for managing those inevitable difficult days.

What to do next:

If you would like to enrol on a course contact 0800 073 2200 to book a place.
Read through the Manual at your own pace on your home or library .

Whichever way you chose to receive this information, all we ask is that you tell us if it’s helping by completing our questionnaires.